The Gerald J. Joseph – HealthCoach Prevention Program (HCPP) empowers both doctors, patients and participants to improve treatment outcomes by safely engaging patients in health-behavior change supported by diet, organic nutraceuticals, and walking.

HealthCoach communicates with participants on a daily basis, and the patient’s physician reviews the results every 90 days.

Participants have the option to be tracked, measured, and monitored in a comprehensive manner by a HealthCoach. This allows for a more complete and customized review of lifestyle activities and biomarkers such as steps, weight, BMI, hydration, blood pressure, continuous blood sugar and sleep.

HealthCoach communicates with you via smart phone, text messaging, and email and is available to you 24/7. This ensures you’re never far away from a motivating message, an answer to a question, a friend to communicate with, or a great meal suggestion.

The HealthCoach Prevention Program is highly individualized and designed to improve both chronic health conditions and cognitive loss.

HealthCoach supports, mentors and tracks participants as a wellness authority, helping my people feel their best through food and lifestyle changes, tailoring individualized and corporate wellness programs to improve health outcomes