Gerald J. Joseph

I work as a Public Health Advisor for the CDC and as a Lifestyle Wellness Coach guiding change. I have spent my adult life studying Public Health Science focusing on clinical intervention strategies to actively and safely engage clients/patients in health behavior change and to improve human performance. 

My specialties include anthropological models of aging, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, food science, food allergies, spectrum disorders in children, and microbiome health. I have also studied how the human body moves, how to improve athletic performance, the cerebellum for balance control, sleep improvement strategies in a technological world, the science of well-being and brain wellness.  

I was born in Texas, raised in both Northern & Southern California, and studied in Japan and Guatemala. Along with my Bachelor of Science degree in Health Science, (Public Health emphasis), from San Diego State University, I have a Master of Education degree from Grand Canyon University and current K-12 Health Education Teaching Certificate issued by the Florida Department of Education. 

Additionally, obesity and diabetes are inflammatory conditions that not only contribute to cardiovascular disease and cancer but also serve as profound comorbidities; their shared etiologies promote one another.


Mr. Joseph understands the elemental components of nutrition and their relationship to disease. He is able to communicate the past evolutionary basis of biochemical nutrition. Understanding nature’s long evolutionary curve, contemporary cultural and logistic personal behavior, and prevalence of disease, he directs individuals back into health and metabolic harmony. While I think this last statement may sound theatric, my experience over time builds my confidence in his innovation and target. Within this biochemical nutrition, he understands and demands attention to quality food substrate and the probiotic mechanisms. This attention to the science yields results; lasting results are the measure of personal health objectives and of lasting therapeutic programs.

Dr. J.D., MD


Grand Canyon University, GCU Phoenix, AZ

Master of Education, M.Ed.

San Diego State University, SDSU, San Diego, CA

Bachelor of Science, B.S.
Health Science
Public Health

Florida Department of Education K12 Teaching
Certificate Health Education

James Monroe Elementary School, Santa Rosa California
Cardinal Newman Preparatory Academy, Santa Rosa California
Westminster Elementary Math & Environmental Studies, Magnet School, Venice Beach California
Charles H. Kim Elementary School, Los Angeles California


Family Life Education SDSU
Comprehensive School Physical Activity Programs K12 CDC
Health Education Curriculum K12 CDC

University of Copenhagen Fundamentals of Diabetes,
Prevention and Treatment

Yale University - The Science of Well-Being

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