HealthCoach K-6 BootCamps - San Diego

To support children’s health and accelerate their academic and athletic performance, HealthCoach creates outdoor settings to challenge and inspire children to become more physically active, improving both their health and cognitive skills. Services are available at The New Children’s Park in Marina District W Harbor Drive.  

Children's Health

Children who are more physically active improve their memory and concentration, attend more classes, earn better grades, and exhibit positive classroom behaviors. 

For decades, health research has consistently shown connections between diet, physical activity, sleep, happiness, and academic achievement in school-aged children – the key is brain wellness. 


“I am certain Mr. Joseph will be a great asset to any company. He is responsible, devoted, and passionate about making a difference in a child’s life.”

Gabriela Munoz, Teacher

Westminster Elementary Magnet School, Math, Technology & Environmental Studies

San Diego Location

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    Covid-19 guidelines (CDC) for safe, after-school and bootcamp programs.


    Mr. Joseph was employed with our organization from September 2018 to May of 2019 in the capacity as Program Supervisor and Site Director. His responsibilities included the supervision and coaching of on-site instructional staff, ensuring county, state and federal grant compliance, and providing program accountability to Creative Brain Learning and its partner organizations, such as the local School District and outside grant-based food services. [100 K-6 Students]

    Mr. Joseph worked with a culturally diverse population. He was the liaison between School Principal, Nurse, Behavioral Counselor and daytime Teachers, providing culturally appropriate health education. He provided health information to parents and students, informal counseling, social support and advocacy for our targeted population.

    We highly recommend Gerald J Joseph for any position that requires integrity, exceptional work ethic and dedication, as well as sharp leadership skills, well-developed organizational skills and dedication.

    Mr. E.S., CEO

    Gerald J Joseph
    B.S., M.Ed., NBC-HWC
    Master of Education
    Bachelor of Science Health Science (Public Health)
    Florida Department of Education, K-12 Health Education & Athletic Coaching Teaching Certificate,
    DOE Number: 1360102, DOE Number: 6003009388
    California Teaching Certificate, Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach NBC-HWC