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  • Dr. Jason Doescher, MD The Epilepsy GroupI have worked with Mr. Joseph over the past 3 years in various capacities. We were connected through my role as Chief Medical Officer for the start-up company MOBE, a comprehensive health-care model focused on complex, chronic care population. The program coordinated clinical care and individualized support for wellness including sleep, activity and nutrition. Mr Joseph consulted in the initial design through presentation of the nutritional component. His work was exceptional in its clarity of vision and efficient direction to measurable and meaningful results.I will most defiantly continue my work with him. I believe you will find your work with him rewarding and enlightening also.
  • Nicole Bradberry CEO FLAACOs: I have been part of traditional healthcare for over 25 years. First, as an executive with two large payors, CIGNA and UnitedHealthcare focused on cost and quality programs and then as a healthcare entrepreneur with companies focused on value-based healthcare which fundamentally drives care towards better outcomes. During these years I've seen every possible solution to solving for healthcare's problems. Gerry's program and thoughts about how to solve for chronic disease are inspiring in their simplicity. It's not about expensive procedures and medications but simply about motivating people to do the right things both physically and nutritionally. I believe Gerry's thoughts around health are the innovation in health that is needed and truly the only thing that I've heard that fundamentally changes how healthcare should be delivered in the future. I highly recommend Gerald Joseph and look forward to watching his continued innovations in this space we call healthcare.
  • Brian Lue CEO LIOVI: For background, I have a Master’s of Science degree from Stanford University with 26 U.S. patents and am an expert in the field of the microbiome, comprising of the bacteria and chemistry in the gut. I have known Gerald J. Joseph since 2015. Recently, I spoke with an Olympic athlete who competed in the Rio de Janiero Olympics. She told me how much better she felt while training and competing after making the dietary and exercise changes that Gerald recommended to her. She said she easily shed some unwanted pounds and was able to physically and mentally perform better than before. As a former national-class bicycle racer, I knew that this was not easy to do as the Olympic coaches have the state-of-the-art understanding of training techniques, but Gerald was still able to substantially improve the Olympian’s performance with his techniques. The bottom line is Gerald is a great coach who sincerely cares about the well being of others. After speaking with many of the people he helped, and discussing the detailed impact of food has on health over the years, its clear that he is a solid wellness coach/instructor who has a deep understanding of nutrition and can teach people how they can change their lives for the better.
    Brain Lue
  • A friend of mine recommended me to Gerald. I was having surgery in about a month and he thought Gerald might be able to help me to change my nutritional intake in order to arrive at the best possible healing outcome. Gerald and I spoke for about 45 minutes initially. What he said made sense and my feeling was that there was no downside to eating better. It turns out there was a significant upside. The surgery was supposed to take 2 to 3 hours; it took six. My first follow-up with the surgeon was positive, and my thirty-day follow-up was even better. The surgeon explained that he had done all the necessary technical work, but that in his experience the results varied depending on the healing abilities of the patient. He thought my results were outstanding, much better than expected due to the complicated surgical procedure. All I can tell you is that since I started working with Gerald, I have dropped weight, have more energy, and seem to be healing like a son of a gun. Oh, and I’m sleeping better, too. Can’t really ask for much more.

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