Personal Training

HealthCoach personal training services combine toning and full-body sculpting exercises tailor-made to each individual to ensure that people of all shapes, sizes and abilities are able to rejuvenate, strengthen and increase physical fitness endurance.Personal training services are available in David T.Kennedy Park, Coconut Grove and at The Mutiny Hotel and in South Pointe Park, South Beach, Miami, South of 5th.

Coconut Grove Park

South Pointe Beach


Health Coach is a 24-hour, 7 day a week accessible lifestyle wellness program that utilizes an evidencebased approach to advance human health and athletic performance through a personalized suite of concierge health coaching services.

Health History

Health Coach wellness services includes – medical health history, risk appraisals, blood chemistry profiles, heavy metal testing, biomarker assessments, anthropometric measurements, nutrition, and hysical activity assessments to assess an individual health status to improve health, flexibility, cardiovascular conditioning, strength and to reduce chronic metabolic disease risk.



Health Coach engages in low-intensity exercises to increase flexibility and to reduce the risk of injury, loss of mobility and balance to stabilize muscles, improve muscle imbalances which includes stretching exercise to lengthen muscles and improve joint strength – TRX, hanging exercises, yoga, Tai Chi, and isometric stretching.

Cardiovascular Conditioning

HealthCoach monitors cardiovascular conditioning to improve aerobic capacity through a variety of exercises – brisk walking, running, sprinting, swimming, cycling and cardiorespiratory strength training.

Strength Training

Health Coach utilizes several strength training
exercises to improve athletic performance and to strengthen the body – weightlifting, variable resistance training, natural body exercises (outdoors pushups, pullups), hill and stair climbing, swimming, and core work to develop stronger muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments, which enables individuals to engage in sustained physical activities and
increase range of motion.

Chronic Disease Prevention

Health Coach personal training lifestyle wellness services work synergistically together to reduce and prevent the risk of heart disease, type Il diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, obesity, and cognitive loss which increases life expectancy, mental health and brain wellness.

Physical Activity Training Program

Health Coach lifestyle wellness services employ a twice-a-week, three-times-a-week and a five-times-a-week training program which typically last on average 12 minutes of flexibility, 12 minutes of cardiovascular conditioning, 12 minutes of strength and core training coupled with a cool down period – and a delicious fresh-pressed organic juice. Additional activities are available, such as, tennis, basketball, swimming, and self-defense training.

HealthCoach App

HealthCoach recognizes the significance of proper communication and collaboration in personal training. The Health Coach App provides a secure HIPPA and HITRUST compliant space for patients/clients, health coaches, and physicians to message one another to empower lifestyle change.

Biometric Data

Health Coach allows the patient/client to login and track personalized biometric data, including steps, weight/ BMI, blood pressure, blood sugar, sleep and more. Devices compatible with the Health Coach App are Fitbit, Apple Watch, Garmin and Google Fit, can sync and upload biometric data for review by physicians and health coaches to quantity improved health outcomes.

Wearable Technology

Health Coach utilizes an App that is easy to download, connects to wearable devices and smart scale technology to track steps, weight, BMI, blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar and other biometric data, to evaluate clients’ progress and quantify their health improvement. It will also allow your personal health coach to securely engage and communicate with the client through text messaging and Zoom calls, to help reshape the client’s lifestyle and maximize their quality of life and happiness..



“Gerald’s personal coaching and daily texts asking what I was eating, how I was exercising etc. was amazing. I had not exercised in over a year and now walk 3-5 miles a day and have been able to maintain a weight loss of 30 Lbs. Gerald’s approach made selection easy because I had choices and he made it interesting!

My life and health was changed by this new, healthy approach to eating and living and I owe it all to Gerald and his personalized approach to weight management and healthy living.”

Ms. D.R., Nurse Practitioner