Ms. D.R., Nurse Practitioner

“Gerald’s personal coaching and daily texts asking what I was eating, how I was exercising etc. was amazing. I had not exercised in over a year and now walk 3-5 miles a day and have been able to maintain a weight loss of 30 Lbs. Gerald’s approach made selection easy because I had choices and he made it interesting!

My life and health was changed by this new, healthy approach to eating and living and I owe it all to Gerald and his personalized approach to weight management and healthy living.”

Mr. E.S., CEO

Mr. Joseph was employed with our organization from September 2018 to May of 2019 in the capacity as Program Supervisor and Site Director. His responsibilities included the supervision and coaching of on-site instructional staff, ensuring county, state and federal grant compliance, and providing program accountability to Creative Brain Learning and its partner organizations, such as the local School District and outside grant-based food services. [100 K-6 Students]

Mr. Joseph worked with a culturally diverse population. He was the liaison between School Principal, Nurse, Behavioral Counselor and daytime Teachers, providing culturally appropriate health education. He provided health information to parents and students, informal counseling, social support and advocacy for our targeted population.

We highly recommend Gerald Joseph for any position that requires integrity, exceptional work ethic and dedication, as well as sharp leadership skills, well-developed organizational skills and dedication.

Mr. A. R.

In 2017, my weight was 218.9, my blood pressure was 155/95, and my resting pulse was 78. I had a surgery coming up, and a friend introduced me to Gerald. I began a healthful journey that resulted in a successful surgery with quick healing. And today, my heath is excellent. My weight is 175 pounds. My blood presasure is 110/60. My resting pulse is 54. I eat happily. I walk my dog [who loves the fact in get in 4-5 miles a day] and I just plain feel good!

Dr. J.D., MD

Mr. Joseph understands the elemental components of nutrition and their relationship to disease. He is able to communicate the past evolutionary basis of biochemical nutrition. Understanding nature’s long evolutionary curve, contemporary cultural and logistic personal behavior, and prevalence of disease, he directs individuals back into health and metabolic harmony. While I think this last statement may sound theatric, my experience over time builds my confidence in his innovation and target. Within this biochemical nutrition, he understands and demands attention to quality food substrate and the probiotic mechanisms. This attention to the science yields results; lasting results are the measure of personal health objectives and of lasting therapeutic programs.

Mr. B.L., Stanford University Scientist

Recently, I spoke with an Olympic athlete who competed in the Rio de Janeiro Olympics. She told me how much better she felt while training and competing after making the dietary and exercise changes that Gerald recommended to her. She said she easily shed some unwanted pounds and was able to physically and mentally perform better than before. As a former national-class bicycle racer, I knew that this was not easy to do as the Olympic coaches have the state-of-the-art understanding of training techniques, but Gerald was still able to substantially improve the Olympian’s performance with his techniques.