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The Gerald J. Joseph HealthCoach Program is a shift in the prevention and treatment of chronic disease syndromes, such as heart disease, type II diabetes, obesity and cognitive loss.

My nutrition & exercise protocols are designed to reverse malnutrition which can be defined as the insufficient, excessive or imbalanced consumption of nutrients which can manifest in chronic disease disorders depending on which nutrients are lacking or consumed in excess and to increase physical activity.

My program centers on returning to a more primitive hunter-gatherer-foreging-fisherman diet and a persistence exercise strategy which will achieve measurable improvements in weight, energy, cognition and overall health in a relatively short period of time.

By examining the very best parts of the evidence-based science behind the Mediterranean, Plant-Based and Blue Zone diets, I have fused them into one nutrition program that is delicious, satiating, affordable, easy to prepare, fun to consume and produces substantial reduction in cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes, obesity and neuodegenerative diseases.

The Gerald J. Joseph HealthCoach Program harkens back to a more primitive diet and exercise plan, one that coincides with how humans genome Coevolved with foods and how daily walking in search of foods allowed man to become strong and thrive in his environment.


In the early days of humankind, homo sapiens were hunter-gatherers, searching the bushes for the ripest berries, nuts, seeds, vegetables and taking down an animal for fresh meat when they could, diving in the sea, rivers and lakes for marine proteins and walking thousands of steps a day to find and or forage for foods.

Most of the time humankind was eating a high-plant based diet since hunting was not always successful. This plant-heavy diet of prebiotic fiber and minerals made our ancient genome and gut thrive with a diversity of microbes; therefore, my nutrition & exercise program relies heavily on eating more plant-based foods, and consuming less processed sugars, grains, meats, dairy and fowl.


Furthermore, I use elements from Blue Zones regions around the world where diets have proved to be extremely healthy for centuries. There are documented populations along the Mediterranean such as on the island of Sardinia Italy, whose population often lives to over 100 with a 1:1 ratio of men to women.

And why? Because they have been eating the right Coevolutionary foods that their genome evolved with; they walk every day great distances and they are part of a loving, valued community.

For this reason, I fused the best parts of the Mediterranean, Plant-Based and Blue Zones diets which is an anthropological concept that describes the characteristic lifestyles and the environments of the world’s longest-lived people, and created a nutrition & exercise program that is the most evolutionary-beneficial diet for modern humans.


HealthCoach – nutrition program focuses on simple, easy to prepare low-cost foods for breakfast, lunch, dinners and snacks.

I teach my clients how to shop for foods, how to go out and eat, how to feed children healthy foods they will eat, I motivate you to take an adequate number of daily steps, I track you with your permission and I communicate with you every day as your personal virtual Health Coach.

Transition CoEvolution  

In most cases, 90 days is all it will take to go through what I call “The Transition” – from consuming a highly processed diet, one low in plant-based minerals and high in processed animal proteins, agriculture grains, dairy and fowl base diet called the Western American diet, to my Coevolutionary protective diet.

Man Coevolved with non-processed foods that are alive in plant-based minerals, fatty acids, pre-biotic fiber, good fats from ALA, DHA and EPA which when combined together has the ability to reduce gastrointestinal inflammation, improve brain health and detoxify the body in a very short period of time by introducing good bacteria into the microbiome, (gut).

I begin my on-boarding process with a risk assessment for pre-diabetes which is increasing worldwide. Experts have projected that more than 470 million people will have prediabetes by 2030. … For pre-diabetic individuals, lifestyle modification is the cornerstone of diabetes prevention, with evidence of a 40–70% relative-risk reduction.

HealthCoach App

I use a simple cloud-based HIPAA compliant HealthCoach App which connects the consumer to the Health Coach with your permission.

“HIPAA is the acronym for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act that was passed by Congress in 1996.  HIPAA provides mandates industry-wide standards for health care information on electronic billing and other processes; and requires the protection and confidential handling of protected health information.”

My “HealthCoach App” makes it easy for a client to to learn about his/her health and start reaching their goals. It consolidates health data from smart phones, Apple Health, Garmin, and other third-party Apps already in use, so that both the “HealthCoach” and Corporate Consumer can view progress in one convenient place and your improvement can be measured and quantified.

HealthCoach – technology platform uses your smart phone as a digital HealthCoach, and daily though the App, we text and use images about the foods you are consuming, you can asked questions about foods, products, current medical research in real-time and receive health education content as well as having your daily steps and monthly weight monitored to quantify your success.

During your first few days there are going to be ups-and-downs as your body starts to detox from years of processed chemicals, animal proteins, agricultural grains, dairy, fowl and refined sugars, called The Western American diet.


The good news is that in a very short period of time you are going to start feeling better, your energy levels will start to increase exponentially, your gut will become happy and your mind will become clearer.

If you are under the care of a Medical Practitioner and on medications, we will work together with your Medical Practitioner  to reassess your biology and chemistry as it is going to change in a very positive way, and in a very short period of time.

You and your medical doctor will reassess your medical condition (s) and medication (s) as you begin a new life of health and vibrant vitality – I cannot make “any recommendations” regarding medications and will alway defer to your Medical Practitioner. 

My nutrition and exercise program follows the guidelines associated with the CDC-Centers for Disease Control, and ACSM-American College of Sports Medicine.

Real Science-Real Doctors-Real People-Real Results 



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