Dr. Jason


This letter is in support of Gerald J. Joseph. I have worked with Mr. Joseph over the past 3 years in various capacities. We were connected through my role as Chief Medical Officer for the start-up company MOBE, a comprehensive health-care model focused on complex, chronic care population. The

program coordinated clinical care and individualized support for wellness including sleep, activity and nutrition. Mr. Joseph consulted in the initial design through presentation of the nutritional component. His work was exceptional in its clarity of vision as well as efficient in direction to measurable and meaningful results.

Mr. Joseph understands the elemental components of nutrition and their relationship to disease. He can communicate the past evolutionary basis of biochemical nutrition. Understanding nature’s long evolutionary curve, contemporary cultural and logistic personal behavior, and prevalence of disease, he directs individuals back into health and metabolic harmony. While I think this last statement may sound a bit theatric to those who do not know him, my experience over time builds my confidence and trust in

his innovation and target. Within this biochemical nutrition, he understands and demands attention to quality food substrate and the probiotic mechanisms. This attention to the science yields results; lasting results are the measure of personal health objectives and of lasting therapeutic programs.

Mr. Joseph understands the client’s range of interests and needs. He developed a complete program foundation which would be tailored to each client’s individual need. The range of service began with basic re-education of what is healthy nutrition and critical support in finding solutions for behavioral change. He developed shopping lists with specific, vetted examples of quality products. Recipes and programs could be tailored to the individual taste and pace of behavioral change and client interest.

Mr. Joseph understands the balance between individualized service to foster behavioral change and

meaningful results resting upon a scalable platform for a sustainable business model. He continues to change people’s lives on a client by client basis. He has also demonstrated his capacity channeling this expertise into a model serviced by many coaches or digitalized by telemedicine.

Mr. Joseph shares an innovative understanding of nutrients, biochemistry and the direct impact on health. His expertise is restoring the balance for individuals who are in a distressed, diseased and unhealthy state. He is also a passionate, dedicated and personable member of a team and direct contribution to a healthy organizational culture.

I will most defiantly continue my work with him. I believe you will find your work with him rewarding and enlightening also.

My High  regard to your commitment to health and innovation,

J. Doescher, MD

Pediatric Epilepsy

Minnesota Epilepsy Group, PA

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