November 7, 2017


To whom this may concern,


For background, I have a Master’s of Science degree from Stanford University with 26 U.S. patents and am an expert in the field of the microbiome, comprising of the bacteria and chemistry in the gut. I have known Gerald J. Joseph since 2015.


Gerald is a talented wellness coach/instructor who has spent his life focusing on helping others to reach their full potential. He has a deep understanding of how food and exercise affects a person’s sense of well being as well has measurable health parameters. He also has a compassionate communication style, which makes it easy for people to listen to the lifestyle changes they need to make to improve their health.


Recently, I spoke with an Olympic athlete who competed in the Rio de Janiero Olympics. She told me how much better she felt while training and competing after making the dietary and exercise changes that Gerald recommended to her. She said she easily shed some unwanted pounds and was able to physically and mentally perform better than before. As a former national-class bicycle racer, I knew that this was not easy to do as the Olympic coaches have the state-of-the-art understanding of training techniques, but Gerald was still able to substantially improve the Olympian’s performance with his techniques.


His philosophy that health begins with “breakfast, lunch and dinner” is rooted in knowledge about how our ancestors evolved from hunter-gatherers to today’s modern urban dwellers as well as how the corresponding changes food cultivation and production affected our health and created new diseases. He also has been studying the new science of the gut microbiome, how the bacteria and food interact to change the chemistry of our bodies. This combined knowledge provides a solid foundation from which he can make dietary recommendations to his clients.


For example, I have spoken to several business executives who have worked with him and they were surprised how easily they each shed tens of pounds quickly by simply changing the kinds of foods they ate without obsessing over and counting calories. Although these people were living high stress and fast lifestyles, they were able to achieve the results they were looking for. They made these changes without complaining about how they had to change what they ate. I believe that this showed he was able to spend the time needed to understand their concerns and to communicate the right information to get them to make the changes they needed to be successful.


On a technical note, Gerald has spent much of his career concerned with the potency and purity of nutritional supplements. He carefully distinguishes between synthetic and supplements extracted from food sources. His awareness is very relevant at this time in the supplement industry as so many supplement ingredients are being sourced from low cost regions around the world. When manufacturing shortcuts are made to reduce the costs, the probability of toxicity in the synthetic ingredients increases. This is why his point of view of taking naturally extracted supplements is important and the safer route for his clients.


Gerald’s technical knowledge is balanced by his people skills. His warm and caring demeanor enables him to meet and communicate with people from all walks of life. Besides being able to help clients achieve their results they are looking for, Gerald has a warm and positive personality, which makes him easy to work with. He is very good at meeting new people and introducing them to others with whom he thinks would benefit from the new relationships.


The bottom line is Gerald is a great coach who sincerely cares about the well being of others. After speaking with many of the people he helped, and discussing the detailed impact of food has on health over the years, its clear that he is a solid wellness coach/instructor who has a deep understanding of nutrition and can teach people how they can change their lives for the better.




Brian Lue