September 30th, 2019

In 2017, I was scheduled to have surgery to repair my (badly) damaged nose. A friend of mine had been working with Gerald J. Joseph and suggested that I get in touch. Gerald’s explanation that a patient could improve surgical outcomes by properly preparing their body nutritionally and physically made sense to me. “Help your body help you,” Gerald told me. I wasn’t necessarily convinced, but I didn’t see a downside, and at my age at the time (59) it seemed to me that my body no longer healed as well as it once did, and that any help I could provide would be a good thing.

My previous lab test results prior to working with Gerald, (September 18th, 2017) didn’t put me on death’s door, but they weren’t human perfection, either. Like many (most) Americans I was overweight and under-exercised. Here is what my baseline physical lab results revealed:

Weight: 218.9
Resting pulse: 78
BP: 155/95
Chol: 204
Tri: 189
HDL: 48
LDL: 118
Glucose: 99

I started working with Gerald November 30th, 2017

My initial work with Gerald seemed to pay off. The surgery was far more complicated than expected. (December 26th, 2017) Instead of 2 hours, it took 6 hours. The surgeon saw me a few weeks later (I had been working with Gerald for about one month by then). He was very pleased with my recovery and told me that I was healing much more quickly than he would have thought.

In June of 2018 I had another physical. These are the results:

Weight: 192
Resting pulse: 67
BP: 130/95
Chol: 168
Tri: 131
HDL: 47
LDL: 95
VLDL: 26
Glucose: 84

I had no trouble adapting to Gerald’s diet and exercise program. I was walking every day, usually between 7,500 steps and 10,000 steps. My dog loved it!

In January of 2019 I had the following results:
Weight: 175
Resting pulse 58
BP: 110/60
Chol: 135
Tri: 106
HDL: 45
LDL: 69
VLDL: 21
Glucose: 81

In July of 2019, the date of my last physical, I had the following results:
Weight: 176
Resting pulse: 57
BP: 110/62
Chol: 138
Tri: 108
HDL 46
LDL: 70
VLDL: 22
Glucose: 80

The bottom line is very clear: with modest exercise and simple changes to my diet I have improved my health (and life expectancy) enormously. What do I do? I walk between 7,500 and 10,000 steps a day. Sometimes a little more. Occasionally a little less.

As to diet, the changes were pretty easy to accomplish: no meat or chicken; fish twice a week; eggs twice a week. Lots of veggies (I am a big fan of salad bars, now more than ever). Avocado is tasty and a great source of fat.

Nuts work for healthy fats as well. Sweets? I make a protein shake in the morning with frozen blueberries and cherries and a little vanilla flavored pea protein powder, or I might put the berries into a bowl and add a little yoghurt and nuts. That’s pretty much it. Easy sneezy.

Adam Rodman – Los Angeles, California