is an evidence-based diet, organic nutraceutical and walking program design to improve health rapidly.

Brain Fitness

Alzheimer's Disease Prevention

The effect of foods on brain development, cognition, mood disorders, neurodegeneration and aging has generated new areas of research.

HealthCoach After School Program – Child Nutrition

Cognition represents a complex set of higher mental functions subserved by the brain, and includes attention, memory, thinking, learning, and perception. Cognitive development in preschoolers is predictive of later school achievement.

Corporate Wellness

HealthCoach was created in 2015 to address the increasing burden of prediabetes, type 2 diabetes and obesity in the United States. HealthCoach features a research-based program focusing on healthy eating and physical activity (walking) which demonstrates that people with prediabetes who take part in a structured lifestyle change program can cut their risk of developing type 2 di-abetes by 58% (71% for people over 60 years old).

HealthCoach - Dubai

HealthCoach - Dubai is a medical supervised 24-hour, 7 day a week accessible wellness center. HealthCoach utilizes an evidence-based approach to advance human health and athletic performance through a personalize suite of concierge health coaching services.