HealthCoach DUBAI – Concierge Wellness 2020

HealthCoach is a medically supervised 24-hour, 7 day a week accessible wellness center that utilizes an evidence-based approach to advance human health and athletic performance through a personalize suite of concierge health coaching services.

HealthCoach wellness services includes – health risk assessment; blood chemistry; biometric; anthropometric; cardiovascular and nutrition assessments; nutrition counseling; strength; core and flexibility training.

HealthCoach uses monitored cardiovascular conditioning to improve aerobic capacity, strength condition to develop stronger muscles, bones, tendons, and ligaments to enable individuals to engage in physical activities; total body resistance exercise for core – TRX and flexibility training to increase range of motion, reduce risk of injury, and loss of mobility.

HealthCoach wellness services work synergistically together to reduce and prevent the risk of heart disease, type II diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, obesity, cancer and cognitive loss.

HealthCoach uses state of the art cardiovascular conditioning treadmills, exercise bi-cycles, free weights; ballet bars, rope climbs, pull-up bar, and total body resistance exercise TRX for core in a monitored complete exercise program.

HealthCoach wellness services include; massage, yoga, sports activities on demand such as rock climbing, water kayaking, bicycling, tennis and marital arts training - other features include organic certified juice bar and organic nutraceutical products.

HealthCoach wellness services employs a twice-a-week training program which typically last on average 15 minutes of cardiovascular conditioning, 15 minutes of strength & core training, and 15 minutes of flexibility & cool down. *(beginners start with 10 minutes in each of the following areas; cardiovascular; advance members train for 20 minuets in each of the following areas; car-diovascular.)

HealthCoach wellness services improve health outcomes by improving the health of the gastrointestinal tract; immune system and brain by reducing chronic inflammation through-out the body through better quality of foods, physical activity, sleep and better lifestyle choices. Organic Nutraceuticals, great meal suggestions for breakfast, lunch, and dinner combined with a few measured steps and quality sleep a day is our simple formula.

HealthCoach recognizes the significance of proper communication and collaboration in the practice of health and wellness. HealthCoach uses a secure HIPAA compliant App for patient/client/doctor and health coach to message one another to empower lifestyle change.

HealthCoach has developed Certified Organic Nutraceuticals Super Greens and Antioxidants Berries to improve; heart; gastrointestinal; and brain health through increased phytonutrients, antioxidants, terpenes and fatty acids.

The Benefits

HealthCoach wellness services produces measurable, quantifiable results in a relatively short period of time. Numerous studies have concluded that through improved nutrition, microbiome health, slow wave sleep, cardiovascular conditioning, strength, core training and increase flexibility – improved energy, biomarkers, mental alertness, greater strength and aerobic capacity is attainable a very short period of time. *(muscle strength can be increased by 40 percent, adding about two- and one-half pounds of muscle, loss of about four- and one-half pounds of fat over an eight-week training period)

HealthCoach Wellness Program Includes;

  • HealthCoach – Wellness Center 24/7 access
  • HealthCoach Assessments; Health Risk Appraisal; A1C, Weight/BMI; LDL-C, B/P; Weight/BMI; HDL/LDL; Calcium Heart Scan
  • Cardiovascular Conditioning (monitored heart rate response)
  • Strength Training
  • Flexibility Training
  • Nutrition & Coaching
  • TRX
  • Each Workout is Guided, Monitored and Recorded. HIPAA Compliant
  • Virtual Health Coach App – Tracks Daily Steps, Sleep, Hydration, Blood Sugar, Weight, BMI.

Nutraceuticals by HealthCoach

Nutraceuticals are “Organic Certified” plant-based super-food powders – high in pea protein, essential fatty acids, antioxidants, terpenes, vitamins, minerals, fiber, chlorophyll, and essential amino acids in a complete profile.

Nutraceuticals products contain no sulfites, added sugars, preservatives, artificial fla-vors, or artificial colors.

Nutraceuticals are made in the USA, “Certified Organic” and designed to improve gut, cellular, A1c and brain health in addition to improving athletic performance.

The History Of Strength Training

When studying the history of mankind, we can't help but admire our Paleolithic brothers and sisters who were smart, cunning and strong. From our hunter-gather paleolithic days, man walked, ran, lifted materials for shelter, carried animal kills, built boats with heavy lumber, stone houses and monuments all the while circumnavigated and populated the entire globe, in a very short period of time.

Body-weight, callisthenic and yoga-based exercises were practiced by the ancient Egyptians, Chinese, Indians, Mesoamericans and other cultures; the ancient Greeks are credited with developing the earliest forms of modern weight training equipment.

One of the first "free weights" used in athletic training were "halteres," or hand-held weights with a hole for gripping rather than a handle. Halteres were used as early as the fifth century B.C. and were used to develop muscular strength and for training for sports like the long jump. Illustrations of early Greece show muscular men using dumbbells, weight plates and plummets to train for physical strength.

Resistance Machines

After the development of free weights, it took thousands of years before Mr. Jack La Lane advanced the concept of resistance training in the 1950s, with several pieces of equipment that have been widely used ever since. Mr. Jack La Lanne developed the first cable-pulley machine, the Smith machine and the first leg extensions machine. The mechanical principals behind these three pieces of equipment can be found in equipment in gyms around the world today.

Health Coach - Program was developed within the Rancho Santa Fe Medical Center