Corporate Wellness


Gerald J. Joseph International is a corporate Health Coach consulting company offering wellness solutions that improve human performance, nutrition, and reduces healthcare costs of employee populations — on-site- and through a cloud-based Health Coach App.

A well-crafted TeleHealth Corporate Wellness Program adapts easily to the digital world of smartphone messaging, wearable biometric data and modern wellness portals.

The use of a Health Coach and our cloud-based wellness App, can have a noticeable impact on workplace wellness and serves as an easy platform for employers and employees to gather biometric data and insights into their health and wellness.

Creating easy-to-use and easy-to-administer cloud-based content is also crucial for the success and administration of corporate wellness programs.

My App serves as a portal for work-site wellness, where employees become engaged in wellness and can receive specific rewards for participation.

Improving participation, improves workers’ productivity and decreases healthcare costs.

Gerald J. Joseph International manages and staffs in-house gyms, creates exceptional great tasting menu’s and dining experiences that align with each employee’s nutrition and culinary needs.


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