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An Evidence-Based Approach to Wellness

The Gerald J. Joseph Health Coach program is an evidence- based, highly effective nutrition & exercise program which uses digital health technology to track, monitor, and interact with participants via smart phone and wearable technology.

My nutrition and exercise program allow safe, consistent weight loss, coupled with an increase in energy as you adopt healthy habits and start a new relationship with organic non-processed live foods.

My Evidence Based Approach To Wellness

The Gerald J. Joseph Wellness Consultant: The walls of interoperability are beginning to come down, investments are growing, partnerships are forming, and consumers are starting to take notice that investing in wellness pays off with lower healthcare costs and improved human productivity.

We are moving towards a digital health revolution and we have the opportunity and responsibility to align healthcare and technology innovation to exponentially improve our care system and the lives of our global population.

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I like to personalize my services to every individuals unique personal needs!

Smart Phone & One on One

Nutrition, Fitness, Organic Food-Servive Dinning Management

Certified Vegan Organic

The Gerald J. Joseph Health Coach program has three services options: 1) Health Coach using smart phone and wearable technology, 2) Corporate Health Coach, and 3) Health Coach one on one.

1) All three Health Coach service options assesses current health conditions, communicates with the primary care physician, sets weight goals, and keeps you on track daily with encouragement and rewards via smart phone and wearable technology to include: daily steps, food recommendations, sleep patterns, blood pressure, hydration, weight, blood sugar. These factors are all important components of tracking success and qualifying results.

The Gerald J. Joseph Health Coach program is a virtual program were we communicate via smart phone and wearable technology to monitor and track daily progress. We also include an old- fashioned phone call for encouragement – available 24/7 when you need some support.

2) Corporate Wellness Health Coach focus is on creating and promoting a culture of wellness. Maintaining a healthy work environment can be one of the trickier parts of a wellness program because it involves efforts from both the employer and the employee.

Corporate Wellness Health Coach is about creating a healthy productive work environment, which can shape the lives of their employees both inside and outside of the office.

A well-crafted Corporate Wellness Health Coach program will adapt easily to the virtual world with the help of wearables and modern wellness portals. Fitness trackers and wearables will have a noticeable impact on workplace wellness and serve as an easy platform for employers to gather data and insight on their employees’ health.

Creating easy-to-use and easy-to-administer portals is crucial for the success and administration of the wellness programs. These portals serve as a hub for work site wellness employees to become engaged in wellness with company-specific rewards for participation. Improving participation, improves workers’ productivity and decreases health care costs.

Corporate Wellness Health Coach manages and staffs in-house gyms, as well as exceptional organic dining food experiences that aligns with each employee’s nutrition and personal fitness personal goals.

3) Health Coach one on one is an in-person dynamic and physically challenging program. Whether you are an Olympic Athlete or just need entry level nutrition and fitness encouragement, you will enjoy my Health Coach personalized wellness approach and together, we will get you into the best shape of your life in a very short period of time.

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