Health Coach 

An Evidence-Based Approach to Wellness

Health Coach 

The Gerald J. JosephHealth Coach Program called – Fitness by Design – empowers both doctors and patients to improve treatment outcomes by safely engaging patients in health-behavior change supported by diet, organic nutraceuticals, and walking.

The Health Coach communicates with patients on a daily basis, and the patient’s physician reviews the results every 90 days.

Patients have the option to be tracked, measured, and monitored in a comprehensive manner by a Health Coach. This allows for a more complete and customized review of lifestyle activities such as steps, weight, BMI, hydration, blood pressure, blood sugar and sleep.

Your personal Health Coach communicates with you via smart phone, text messaging, and email and is available to you 24/7. This ensures you’re never far away from a motivating message, an answer to a question, a friend to communicate with, or a great meal suggestion.

The Fitness by Design Program is highly individualized and designed to improve both chronic health conditions and cognitive loss.

As a Health Coach, I support, mentor and track patients as a wellness authority, helping my clients feel their best through food and lifestyle changes, tailoring individualized and corporate wellness programs to improve health outcomes

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Health Coach-App

The Fitness by Design – Health Coach-App is rich in communications abilities. It allows a client to upload health-related files (HIPPA compliant), and also provides links for educational video content and secure messaging.

The Health Coach-App can be programmed to track basic information like steps per day, weight (loss or gain), blood sugar, sleep, and hydration as well as a host of other cohorts. On the simplest level, tracking only steps and weight, the App can be used by Health Coaches to help clients with weight loss, Type II Diabetes, program compliance, and basic fitness levels.

The App helps an individual Health Coach communicate with their clients, and it is scalable. A single Health Coach can oversee the progress of 100-150 clients, and we anticipate scaling the program to accommodate any number of clients.

The software also allows for a supervisor to monitor the progress of all Health Coaches, and to help guide them to best assist their clients.


Telehealth is one of the fastest growing segments of the healthcare industry – the American Medical Association reports that 70 percent of all healthcare visits could have been done virtually. More and more health providers are offering Telehealth options.

Gerald J. Joseph International, LLC has developed a cloud-based Health Coach program aimed at reducing employers’ overall medical spending, reducing accidents, improving productivity, and improving return-to-work outcomes by engaging employees with a digital Health Coach-App based wellness program to improve health outcomes.

The Fitness by Design – Health Coach Program shifts the focus onto the success of the individual and employee. encouraging active participation in improving nutrition, mobility and the perception of improved health — all accomplished with the help of a dedicated digital cloud-based Health Coach.

Most of my adult life has been spent in the pursuit of knowledge to help people live better, more fulfilling disease-free lives, through proper evidence-based nutrition and exercise.


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